Uslon agroindustrial park will be built in the Tatar village

On 4 September, Vorobyovka dwellers of the Verkhneuslonsky area of Tatarstan, will be able to express their opinion on residential block and agroindustrial park project. The project will occupy an area of 52.71 ha, as informed by REGNUM, referring to the resolution of chairman of the local council.

Complying to the strategy of social and economic development of the Verkhneuslonsky area for 2016−2021 and outlook for 2030, the project in Vorobyovka will not be the only one. Another agroindustrial platform is to appear in the Kirov village. The operating name of Vorobyovka site is Uslon agroindustrial park. It represents the production facility and infrastructure, to accommodate two plants and houses for agriculture and food production, dressing, processing, packaging, storage, and trade. Namely, it is expected to locate 9 enterprises here, including a trout facility as of 0,5 tpm, dairy and meat factories, and vegetable processing facility as of 2 tpd. Moreover, the strategy stipulates for NFC juice plant, along with packaged honey plant as of 0,75 tpd, greenhouse complex, fish dressing facility, and fodder plant.

Project overall investment totals 421.8m RUB. The estimated amount of new employment opportunities totals 200 people.

The regional strategy was based on the republican equivalent, called 2030 Strategy.

The area intends to carry out the integration with Kazan agglomeration. Before 1931 it constituted the Sviyazhsky uyezd of the Kazan country. By 2030, according to the strategy, administration of the area intends to raise the investment up to 13.9bn RUB, with tax and non-tax revenues reaching 330m RUB.

As a reminder, the Verkhneuslonsky area is located on the right Volga River bank. The area totals 130.3 k ha, with 84.8 k ha of agriculture land.

Source: REGNUM