Two greenhouse complexes will be built in Crimea

2 greenhouse complexes will be built in Belogorsk and Bakhchisaray districts in the Republic of Crimea. The greenhouses will be used for cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes.

As reported by the news agency “Noviy Den”, only one investor will be engaged in the construction. The complexes will occupy the area of 20 ha each. The cost of 1 ha is estimated at approx. 1m euro.

The Minister of Agriculture of Crimea Andrey Rymshin informed that the land tenure has been formalized, the construction site is provided with electricity, gas, and water.

The construction will start in October, and the first plants are expected in May-June 2018. The first seedlings in Bakhchisaray are expected in spring 2020.

Source: Noviy Den