Turkish tomato ban remains in place

Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev announced that Russia keeps the ban on Turkish tomatoes. Despite the agreement signed related to lifting of economic sanctions against Turkey, it refuses to budge on tomatoes. Dmitriy Medvedev stated that Russia is not going to recover export of this vegetable. In early June, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan met in Sochi. Putin informed his counterpart that the country is not ready to lift restrictions on tomatoes. “The ban will remain to give Russian agricultural producers time to recoup the investments. That is due to high funding related to the construction of greenhouse facilities”. According to the Russian president, when the lending fund is covered and the entrepreneurs gain profit, the discussions can be continued. Otherwise, the low price of Turkish tomatoes will influence negatively on the emerging market. Currently, Turkey observes the rise of tomato price of more than 60%. This soaring tomato price took place not only due to Russian ban, but also because of abnormally cold winter. According to the head of agriculture chamber of Antalia province Nazif Alpha, unfavourable weather conditions affected one third of the total yield.

Source: Izvestiya