The FerElGam investment project is underway in the Derbentsky area of Dagestan

The Derbentsky area hosts the FerElGam investment project within the framework of top priority project “The development of production and logistic hub in the Republic of Dagestan”.

This project implementation stipulates for hi-tech and modern greenhouse complexes functioning in Dagestan, including: acquisition of local vegetables, long-term product regulated storage system, processing and trade of finished and preserved products, as well as year-round vegetable and high-quality agriculture supplies to the population.

The FerElGam project has created around 400 job opportunities.

Head of the AIC Directorate of the Derbentsky area Yusif Gereikhanov has visited the facility. The complex is managed by the specialist from the Moscow region Dmitriy Smagin. “Tomatoes occupy 55 ha with the yield exceeding 60 t, cucumbers occupy 4.5 ha with the yield as of 30 t. At present, the condition of crops is excellent, despite the 40-degree heat. More than 500 t of tomatoes and peppers are already shipped” – Dmitriy Smagin said. Yusif Gereikhanov has promised to resolve all issues raied by the employees and management. The harvesting is still underway.

Source: Administration of the Derbentsky area