Teplichnoye greenhouse sold in Mordovia: over 2,5bn RUB will be invested

On 11 July, 100% of Teplichnoye were sold. The winner of the tender was Agrocapital Managing Company established in 2016. The company manages greenhouse assets.

The company controls LipetskAgro and Eletskiye Ovoschi greenhouses in the Lipetsk region. Overall greenhouse area exceeds 120 ha. Projected gross yield in 2019 is 90k tonnes. The produce is distributed under the brand “Dolina Ovoschei” through 5 branches: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Lipetsk. Agrocapital Group includes over 2k employees.

The acquisition of Teplichoye is of strategic importance for Agrocapital to expand its production geography. Shortly, the company plans to invest over 2,5bn RUB in development of Teplichoye to reconstruct production sites and to build new facilities. Project cost exceeds 1,7bn RUB.

Source: Stolitsa S