Rijk   Zwaan is amongst the top 5 vegetable breeding companies in the world. We   focus fully on vegetable seeds and offer a wide assortment within the sector.   To sell our varieties, we opt for a local approach. Our seeds are sold   through a local subsidiary and local distributors. All of these companies   operate at the heart of their particular market and take local climate   conditions and market conditions into account.

In   order to develop new varieties and supply top-quality seeds, continuous   innovation is essential. 40 percent of our colleagues are actively involved   in research and development, and we invest around 30 percent of our turnover   in R&D each year. Around 2,800 highly motivated employees in 30 different   countries find it both fun and rewarding to work on creating value-added   products and services for our partners every day.

Official website: https://www.rijkzwaan.ru/