Norilsk greenhouse complex developing rapidly

Norilsk greenhouse husbandry is developing rapidly. The greenhouse, located on the 6km of the Norilsk-Alykel highway on the premises of the former sovkhoz Norilsky, was examined by the Norilsk Head Oleg Kurilov.

As was informed by the media service of Norilsk Municipal Council, currently, about 2.5k sq m are used for the cultivation of cucumbers, tomatoes and several varieties of lettuce. Projected cucumber yield volume is 150 kg per sq m; tomatoes – 90 kg per sq m; lettuce – approx. 2000 pcs. daily.
The greenhouse husbandry is developing through private investment. So far, 12 people are employed in the greenhouse and 50 – on the territory of the complex. Shortly, it expected to expand the area by up to 15k sq m and create over 100 work places.
Oleg Kurilov underscored that scaling up the greenhouse husbandry in Norilsk is a part of food security programme.
“The citizens of Norilsk can enjoy excellent quality and fresh products from the shelf, avoiding long delivery process. Sooner or later, the prime cost of local products will become lower, thus making the retail price lower. Besides, we will circumvent seasonal leap in price”, noted the Head.

Source: Taymyrsky telegraf