Japanese companies under consideration about the construction of greenhouse complexes in Kamchatka

Japanese companies discuss the opportunity to construct greenhouse complexes on the territory of Kamchatka. General Director of Hokkaido Corporation Yukio Tenme and the representative of the centre for regional research “Dogin” visited the peninsula to undertake a study. That was reported by the media service of the regional government. The cooperation prospects were discussed within the governmental meeting. Kamchatka was represented by the Deputy Minister Marina Subbota, Deputy Ministers of Agriculture, Food, and Processing Industry Vyacheslav Chernysh and Valeriy Reshetko, Acting Director of the Investment and Entrepreneurship Agency Sergey Nazvanov and others. Tenme Yukio: “We are actively engaged in the cooperation with the authorities of Russia, including the Ministry of Agriculture. The concentration of greenhouses in the Russian West is high, while the territories of the Far East are in need of greenhouses. In this regard, the territory offers great opportunities for construction”. He also highlighted, that his company has vast experience in the implementation of projects for the construction of complexes in the Far East, including those, built in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and the Khabarovk territory. “We consider the possibility to organise the construction of greenhouses in Kamchatka. We offer not only the provision of equipment, but also funds. I mean, the funds to be invested by the Japanese companies, Japanese bank, and government investments. Besides, we cooperate with Russian development institutes, including the Fund of Direct Investments. As a result, we have everything needed to form the financial model and plan”. Marina Subbota underscored that the creation of greenhouse complexes is one of the priority goals of AIC development, set by the Governor of Kamchatka Vladimir Ilyukhin. “There aren’t, in fact, any major greenhouse complexes, we have only small farms. On the other hand, within the accelerated growth areas, a platform was created for the investors eager to be involved in agriculture. All infrastructure required is built at the expense of the budget: the road is ready; electricity will be provided in November. By the end of this year, one of our investors plans to launch the construction on the area of 5 ha. It is worth to mention, that all investors, operating within the platform, take advantages of the residency status: tax benefits, simplified procedure for attracting the workforce. Besides, feed-in tariffs are offered for those engaged in agriculture”, – says Marina Subbota. She mentioned the interest of the Government in the construction of commercial greenhouses with the participation of Japanese companies. The government is ready to support the implementation of such projects”.

Source: Kamchatka Media Service