Investment Projects


In the Usmanovky area of the Lipetsk region, the construction of a greenhouse complex as of 60 k tpa of vegetables has started. The 85 hectare complex will gradually be occupied by greenhouses with intelligent smart lighting and computer-aided microclimate regulation, as well as a distribution centre measuring 10k square meters. The investor is Ovoshchi Chernozemya, which is the part of Ecoculture Holding. Overall project budget totals 24bn RUB. The new enterprise will create 1128 job opportunities. The first greenhouse cucumbers will be yielded in October 2017. Project completion is scheduled for 2019. The greenhouse complex will be the largest in Europe, totally automated. In general, by 2020, the area size of the holding greenhouses will reach 468 ha, with investment as of 120 bln RUB: Eco-culture intends to build 60 ha of greenhouses in the Moscow Region, 80 ha in the Tula region, 85.6 ha in the Lipetsk region, 100 ha in the Stavropol Territory, 60 ha in the Voronezh Territory and in Kazakhstan.


Expected greenhouse area will total 100 hectares; decisions on regional facility size will be made based on local market demand. The first phases in the Sverdlovsk region and Chuvashia will occupy 10 hectares each, with modular technology applied and opportunity for further expansion. The Chuvashia site is already defined, with documentation filing underway. Approximate investment is 25bn RUB. Primary crops are cucumbers and tomatoes, with design capacity of 75k tpa.


Agro-Region Company, which builds the mushroom farm in the Zaraisky area of the Moscow region, intends to start construction activities in June 2017. By the end of the year, the pre-commissioning activities will be launched. The commissioning of the enterprise is scheduled for February 2018, with reaching the project capacity by the end of the next year. The first phase is the construction of the mushroom farm as of 12 k tons and manure manufacture as of 37.5 k tons. Project cost is estimated at 2.3 bln RUB, 350−380 mln RUB of which will be reimbursed by the Moscow authorities. The second phase stipulates for the construction of mushroom and vegetable processing facility 300 mln RUB worth. The construction will be launched in the late 2018, after the CAPEX being reimbursed.


A complex designed on total area of 4.5 hectares, with the first phase comprising 1.5 hectares. Annual output capacity will total 1.2k tpa of cucumbers and 200 tonnes of greenery. The project is expected to reach full capacity in 2021, satisfying half the demand of the Yakutian population for cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs. Payback period is projected at 5-6 years from the commissioning date. Project cost totals 1.15bn RUB.

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