Greenhouse vegetable yield in Russia grew by 36%

By 29 May 2017, gross greenhouse yield in Russia amounted to 300 thousand tonnes that accounted for 36% increase if compared with the last year (220.7 thousand tonnes), stated in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.
The yield includes 230.1 thousand tonnes of cucumbers (in 2016 – 184.6 thousand tonnes), 64.0k tonnes of tomatoes (in 2016 – 28.8k tonnes), as well as 5.9k tonnes of other vegetable crops.
As it is explained by the Ministry, vegetable production increases due to the application of new high technologies, high-quality seeds, modern plant protection products and highly-efficient mineral fertilizers.
Moreover, significant expansion of greenhouse areas and yield growth are observed due to the application of year-round cultivation technology. It is important to recall last year’s index amounting to 813.6k tonnes, which shows a rise of 14.6%.
Based on the recent data, this year’s greenhouse yield has exceeded the production index of the last year by 80%. The production ramp-up enabled to halve vegetable import.
At least 200 ha of winter greenhouses are scheduled for modernisation this year. This will allow to expand the production of vegetables by 120 thousand tonnes and reach the index of 930 thousand tonnes. Besides, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to build additional 1500 ha by 2020.
Source: ID Economicheskaya gazeta