Greenhouse production share can show a rise of 14.3% in 2017

Production of tomatoes, cucumbers and other greenhouse vegetables is expected to increase by 14.3% in 2017 due to Greenfield and Brownfield construction of greenhouses, as was reported by the media-service of the Ministry of Agriculture.
“In 2017 it is planned to construct and modernise not less than 200 ha of winter greenhouses. It is expected that achieving this target will allow to raise vegetable output up to 120k tonnes and line up with the volume of 930k tonnes” , says the report.
As of 27 March, more than 100k tonnes of greenhouse vegetables have been harvested in Russia, including 87.8k tonnes of cucumbers, 10k tonnes of tomatoes as well as 2.3k tonnes of other vegetables.
In 2016, the gross output of greenhouse vegetables amounted to 813,6k tonnes, i.e. 14.6% increase if compared with 2015.

Source: Rambler News Service