Elected officials visited a greenhouse complex “BRB APK” in Almaty

Deputy Chairman Gulmira Isimbaeva and head of the committee for social and cultural development Gulnar Iksanova had a meeting with the personnel of the most progressive greenhouse complex in Almaty, as informed by 24.kz. BRB APK complex was commissioned in 2016, its output is 7k tonnes of tomatoes and cucumbers annually. Farmers say that stable deliveries have already influenced prices in the city.

You can buy vegetables without intermediaries in the shop near the greenhouse: 1 kg of tomatoes costs 100 tenge. The personnel of the complex assured the guests that here no pesticides are used. To protect plants from deceases, biotechnologies are used, bumblebees pollinate plants. This complex is an example of state programme implementation set by the Government Head – production of safe and affordable vegetables. The greenhouse was built with the governmental support. “A lot of our engineers were trained abroad – in Israel and Holland. We also train students from Kazakh National Agrarian University, they are practicing here, onsite. In the future, we plan to develop a research centre for Kazakhstan. Currently we negotiate with the Ministry of Science, Agrarian University and major Dutch centres, which can ensure personnel training”, – said BRB APK Director Nurlan Adilkhan.

Source: abctv.kz