Dolina ovoshchey intends to launch the logistic centre in Kazan

Dolina ovoshchey Group specialised in greenhouse vegetables cultivation in the Lipetsk region, intends to invest 9,9bn RUB in the greenhouse expansion in the region, and in the construction of the logistic hub in Kazan and Voronezh, as reported by Interfax referring to the company’s press-release. As follows from the release, due to that project, “Dolina Ovoshchey’s cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce will be found this year not only in the retail chains of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Chelyabinsk, but also in Voronezh and Kazan”.

Dolina Ovoshchey expects to expand the greenhouse areas up to 120 ha and rank third in Russia for greenhouse vegetable yield by 2020. At present its capacity accounts for about 120 tpd of vegetables. As a reminder, Dolina Ovoshchey Group was founded in 2013. According to the SPARK-Interfax data, the owners of the company are the physical entities managing company through Greeninvest.

Source: Kommersant Kazan