Dolina Ovoshchey Group expands production by investing 6 bln RUB in the construction of greenhouses in the Lipetsk region

Dolina Ovoshchey has announced the intension to expand the production capacities in the Krasninsky area of the Lipetsk region. The company has scheduled the construction of the third latest-gen greenhouse facility as of 20 ha for 2018. The investment is estimated at 6 bln RUB.

The construction of Ultra Clima innovative facility’s first and second phases in the Krasninsky area of the Lipetsk region will enable Dolina Ovoshchey to considerably expand the production and increase the overall holding yield by 25-30 k t of cucumbers and tomatoes per annum.

In addition to the construction of greenhouse complex in the Krasninsky area, Dolina Ovoshchey Group boosts the activity in the  Yeletsky area of the Lipetsk region. June 2017 featured the opening ceremony of the first phase of new Yeletskiye ovoshchi greenhouse facility as of 5.2 ha. Dolina Ovoshchey invested 1.8 bn RUB in the first phase, with second phase completion (4.5 bln RUB) scheduled for the late 2017. Yeletskiye ovoshchi’s third phase completion is scheduled for the next year, with investment as of 7 bn RUB.

The greenhouse group is a leader for vegetable cultivation in the Lipetsk region due to the existing facilities in the Dankovsky area. At present, the Ultra Clima greenhouse facility as of 40 ha is successfully cultivating various grades of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce, avoiding application of toxic chemicals, pesticides, GM hybrids and growth additives.

The peculiarities of 5 gen greenhouses are the capability of maintaining the optimum temperature conditions, and complete rejection of soil — the vegetables are grown in the basalt fibre, connected with irrigation tubes, delivering nutrients to separate plants.

Dmitry Lashin, Chairman of the Board at Dolina Ovoshchey Group: “Our production expansion projects are definitely ambitious, and we are confident in their success. Owing to the specialists’ expertise and competence, along with application of innovative developments, we intend to get ahead to the Russian market leadership. By 2020, we expect to build a total of 120 ha of 5 gen greenhouses across Russia, and 8 regional distribution centres, consequently ranking third in Russia for vegetable yield”.

About Dolina Ovoshchey Group

Dolina Ovoshchey Group traces its history back to 2013, when the first greenhouse was built in Dankov town of the Lipetsk region. The enterprise was the first in Russia to build 5 generation UltraClima greenhouses with optimum temperature sustained all year round. Dolina Ovoshchey has completely rejected the application of toxic chemicals and pesticides in production. The Company’s greenhouses raise different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. The greenhouse facilities in 2016 accounted for 40 ha, with 120 t of vegetables ripening daily. Over a year, the earnings of agrarian integrated plant have reached 2.3 bln RUB. Currently, the company is among the largest greenhouse enterprises in Russia and is a commercially successful case study of 5 gen greenhouse use.

Source: KremlinRus