Dairy Company “Losevo” draws preliminary results of its greenhouse “experience”

Last year the company invested about 30 million roubles in the establishment of a greenhouse complex on the area of 3.5 ha. The project provides for the construction of arc greenhouses, comprising 8 tunnels and drip watering system.
Such format was chosen due to the relatively low cost. This aspect is considerable because the project is experimental. Losevo has been engaged in dairy business for 10 years, so greenhouses are a new direction. Due to the specific features of agriculture, it is important to consider many aspects. Nikolay Ilyuschenko, company’s CEO: “We did not expect high profits in the first year, because it is clear that the first year is full of expenses. Besides, it is difficult to predict the stability in the sanction context. Many projects were announced for the implementation which would result in arising competitiveness”.
The first results of the season showed that it is necessary to expand the assortment of products. “We decided to bet on eating qualities. The new assortment includes radish, sorrel, and lettuce. Besides, all the vegetables will be distributed in packings to ensure damage-free transportation and storage. The greenhouses operate under the principle of eco-friendly agriculture. We do not use chemicals and pesticides; the tillage is manual. We use humus and compost to fertilize the soil. That is very beneficial for the consumer, but we face with a number of difficulties, because vegetables quickly lose their marketable condition” states Vasiliy Konashenok, Project Executive.
The expected output this year will amount to approx. 40 tonnes that doubles the last year index. The expenses brought on cultivation and greenhouse maintenance reduced as well. All the vegetables will be distributed through Losevo brand stores.
Losevo intends to continue its long-term investment programme. The company plans to develop the existing project with a focus on eco-friendly production. The greenhouse design allows to cultivate any crops. That is very important in the context of market behaviour.
Within the framework of company’s long-term strategy, Losevo plans to cultivate field vegetables and build warehouses for cleaning and packing of ingredients for borsch soup. The next phase is the construction of heated greenhouses. This phase requires much funding in comparison with summer greenhouses. Nevertheless, the company has acquired the required land payments and completed the design. The commission date is not determined yet, because it is affected by financial issues, loan accessibility and economic situation.

Source: Agribusiness