A 2,5bn-RUB project launched in Astrakhan


Astrakhan region features the project for the construction of a new hydroponic greenhouse complex named “Astrakhansky” designed for year-round cultivation of vegetables, says the media service of regional administrative authority. The future facility will include 10 ha of greenhouses, grading, packing, and storage facilities. According to the administrative authority of the city, a 34-ha land… Read more

A 28m-RUB greenhouse complex is to be built in the Tambov region


A new greenhouse designed to produce vegetables and green crops is to be built in the Michurinsky district of the Tambov region. Project investment is not less than 28bn RUB. The information was delivered by the regional authorities. The governor Alexander Nikitin discussed project details with Sergey Rukin, General Director of Greenhouse Growth Technology on… Read more

Ministry of agriculture of Russia: as of 15 May, greenhouse vegetables yield grew 40%


Gross output of greenhouse vegetables across the country totalled 333,6k tonnes, that is 40,4% more compared to the same period last year (237,6k tonnes). Cucumbers – 235,7k tonnes; tomatoes – 89,1k tonnes; other crops – 8,8k tonnes. The greenhouse leaders are the Krasnodar territory (27,7k tonnes), Lipetsk region (27,5k tonnes), Moscow region (23,2k tonnes), Stavropol… Read more

The area of greenhouses in the Stavropol territory will increase up to 260 ha by December


The agroindustrial issues of the Stavropol territory were discussed at the weekly meeting by the governor Vladimir Vladimirov and the members of the regional government. Nikolay Velikdan, first deputy chairman of the regional government informed that summer crops seeding is completed. Agrarians planted 985k ha of land. The greenhouse acreage is continuously increasing. It was… Read more

5 agriculture investment projects are to be implemented in Stavropolye by 2019


9 investment projects were reviewed in the Stavropol territory, 5 of them are related to agriculture. All the projects are to be implemented by 2019, informs the media-service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Stavropol territory. Large project – Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex occupies the area of 57,2 ha. The project is to be… Read more

9,3bn-RUB complex will be built in the Ryazan region


The area of this greenhouse complex will reach 400k sq m. The related agreement was signed by the governor Nikolay Lyubimov and the representative of A Agro Ryazan. Investment in the construction will amount to 9,3b RUB. This new facility will appear in the Pronsky district. Source: IA REGNUM

Victoria Estate will build a 120-ha greenhouse complex


Victoria Estate Group will build a large greenhouse complex in the Moscow region. This was informed by the deputy general director for investment development Vakhtang Sagareyshvili. “In 2015 we approved the concept of an agropark. Since then we have started the development of layouts, construction of infrastructure. So, since 2015, we have been involved in… Read more

Tomatek will build a greenhouse complex valued at 3,5bn RUB in Kuban


Tomatek will build a 11,8-ha complex in the Krasnodar territory. The related agreement was signed between regional authorities and the project investor on 24 May. The project will be executed in the Seversky district within 2018-2021; investment is estimated at 3.51bn RUB. Projected output is 7,3k tonnes. The project will create 160 new job opportunities…. Read more

Ovoschevod invests 6bn RUB in business expansion


In 2018 the company called Ovoschevod intends to expand the area of the operating greenhouse complex and to start the construction of a new one to grow tomatoes. “This year we have plans to expand the greenhouse area”, says Yury Sudarev, owner of Ovoschevod and General Director of Radezh. According to Mr. Sudarev, at first,… Read more

Monotowns Development Fund supports the project of agrocomplex in Pikalevo


Monotowns Development Fund intends to support the investment project in the field of agriculture. The project valued at 5,3b RUB is to be implemented in the Leningrad region. The decision was made during the meeting of Ilya Krivogov, director of non-commercial organisation “Monotowns Development Fund” and Alexander Drozdenko, governor of the Leningrad region. The regulators… Read more