The “Vegetables of Chernozem” Company has begun construction on a second-phase greenhouse complex in the Lipetsk region


Lipetsk-based Vegetables of Chernozem, a part of the EKO-Culture group, has begun construction on a second phase greenhouse complex in the Usmansky district, says regional administration Investment in construction of the second stage currently amounts to 3.4 billion rubles; the project has been financed with 50% internal business funds and 50% of those of a… Read more

Heating has just been installed at the Sosnogorsk greenhouse complex


A major step in construction of the Sosnogorsk greenhouse complex has just been completed – launch of an energy centre, the ‘heart’ of the complex. Anatoly Knyazyev, Deputy Chairman of the Komi Republic and Minister of Agriculture and the Consumer Market for the region became acquainted with the works in process and made a working… Read more

The second phase of the “Tomachevsky” greenhouse complex has been launched


A complex funded by VTB, to be built within two years and named “Obskaya”. “Eight years ago, we decided to organise vegetable production operations in the Novosibirsk region, and over that time we have achieved great success. Today, labour productivity is 5-6 million rubles per person, and this is the basis for further development prospects… Read more

Kumir launches a first-stage greenhouse project near Orel for 1,75 billion rubles


Agro-industrial company Kumir first announced a greenhouse construction project in 2014, based on the bankrupt Yubeliniy project in the Orel region; its first phase has now been launched, as the region’s press service reports. The vegetable cultivation complex, built on total area of 7,5 hectares, offers year-round production of fresh tomatoes at an annual volume… Read more

Local authorities: The Moscow region will be able to fully supply its demand for greenhouse vegetables in 2018


Harvests of greenhouse vegetables in the Moscow region are expected to reach approximately 60 000 tonnes by the close of 2018, satisfying entirely the needs of the region’s inhabitants, announced Andrei Razin, Minister of Agriculture and Food Production for the Moscow region on Wednesday. “Forecasts for closed-ground vegetable production [in 2018] stand at 60 000… Read more

7 billion rubles will be invested in construction of a greenhouse complex in Chusovoy


An agreement has recently been signed between Perm Greenhouse Complex LLC, Agro Management LLC and the administration of the Chusovsky municipal region on implementation of an investment project for construction of a greenhouse complex. The area of the enterprise, to be located in the Chusovsky district, is planned for 24 hectares. The complex will have… Read more

Deficits of domestic greenhouse vegetables have been assessed at 900 thousand tonnes


In 2018, by comparison with 2014, production of vegetables and greens in closed facilities increased by 1.5 times – while deliveries from abroad of those same products decreased by 1.4 times, according to the research study “Greenhouse Business of Russia-2018”, carried out by the Growth Technologies company. Government support for investment projects, infrastructure assistance from… Read more

A new fifth-generation greenhouse complex will be built in the Volgograd region


Construction on the first fifth-generation greenhouse complex will soon be carried out by the “Agricomplex Volzhskiy” enterprise. Realisation of the project was inspected today by Vasily Ivanov, Deputy Governor and Chairman of the Agricultural Committee of the Volgograd Region. The first stage of greenhouse construction for the agricomplex concluded already in 2015, bringing a total… Read more

Greenhouse harvests in Russia continue to grow


As of the end of November, total gross harvest of greenhouse vegetable culture nationwide constituted 889 600 tonnes – 28.3% higher than over the same period of the previous year. Of that harvest, cucumbers constituted 533 800 tonnes – growth of 18%; tomatoes – 342 000 tonnes (+48.5%), other vegetable culture – 13 800 tonnes… Read more

A new greenhouse complex will be built in Stavropol for 18.5 billion rubles


An investor is planning to build a greenhouse complex on total area of over 62 hectares in the single-company town of Nevinnomysk, Stavropol Territory. As reported on Tuesday by the city administration’s press service, an agreement for the project was recently signed between the administration and “Agro Company – South”. “Once the project is complete,… Read more