Agricomplex Sunzha will occupy over 22 ha for greenhouses in Ingushetia


Agricomplex Sunzha will construct a high-tech greenhouse complex for year-round vegetable production in the Sunzha district of Ingushetia. That will be the second phase of a large project, 1.5 bn roubles has already been invested. The press-centre of the Corporation of the Development of the North Caucasus (CDNC) informed about the intention to build the… Read more

Industrial park resident will produce vegetables in Chukotka


There is a new resident in the industrial park Anadyr. Private entrepreneur Antonina Kadoshnikova will develop greenhouse farming in the capital of Chukotka. Project investment will comprise about 2 m roubles. A farming complex will be constructed by 2020. At the 1st phase it will consist of 2 greenhouses from polycarbonate. According to the government… Read more

Large greenhouse complex construction in Bashkortostan


Bashkortostan government and Gazprombank agreed on cooperation to develop investment projects in the region applying the mechanisms of public and private partnership. Within the agreement the Acting Minister of Agriculture of Bashkortastan – Ilshat Faizrakhmanov, General Director of Alekseevskiy state farm- Ramzil Nizametdinov, and the Manager of Gazprombank Ufa – Roza Urazgildeeva signed a contract,… Read more

New greenhouse complex construction in the Tver region


According to the district Admnistration Head Mikhail Avaev, there is ongoing area planning for the greenhouse Kuvshinovskiy construction. Regional Governor, Igor Rudenya signed the documents, according to which Kuvshinovo receives the status of Priority Social and Economic Development Area. With the new status the city will have more opportunities to get national support of monocities…. Read more

Greenhouse complex construction in the Kemerovo region


28 June 2019, the Governor of Kuzbass region conducted a meeting with the Head of the Yurginsky district, Dadash Dadashov. Within the meeting they discussed the potential of local agriculture. The district is among the top five grain producers of the Kemerovo region. Dadash Dadashov underlined that there are 33 agriculture producers of different forms… Read more

$15 m of greenhouse vegetables were sold abroad by Turkmenia


In January – June 2019, private greenhouses of Turkmenia produced and distributed abroad vegetables for $15 m (942 m RUB). Including over 7.5 k tonnes of onion and over 15 k tonnes of tomatoes and cucumbers. This number is twice bigger than export to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia and Afghanistan in the corresponding period in 2018…. Read more

4 greenhouse complexes in the Stavropol region


To date there are about 200 ha of greenhouse complexes. The region is fully provided with protected ground vegetables – 28 kg/year per person (medical standard — 12.7 kg per person) Protected ground vegetables from Stavropol are exported to the Moscow, Leningrad and Lipetsk regions. Last year a new greenhouse complex was constructed in the… Read more

Greenhouse Growth Technologies reached the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District (KhMAD)


Cucumber and tomato producer Greenhouse Growth Technologies (GGT) plans to commission a greenhouse complex of 7 ha in 2021 in KhMAD. The complex is estimated at 1.2 bn roubles and can become the first large facility for vegetable farming in the North of the country. However, other market participants consider the project to be risky… Read more

Increase of protected ground vegetables output in the Stavropol region in 2019


In 2019, the Stavropol region expects the growth of protected ground vegetables output. According to the regional government, the increase will comprise 35%. By the outcomes of 2018 regional greenhouse complex produces 86.3 k tonnes: 63.8 k tonnes of tomatoes, 22.2 k tonnes of cucumbers and 0.3 k tonnes of other crops (as a rule… Read more

Greenhouse complex Permskiy construction in Chusovoy


Land works were started in the Chusovoy city on the site of future greenhouse complex Permskiy. At the beginning of June 2019, trade company Permskiy received the permission to construct the greenhouse. The company plans to complete and commission the complex before the end of 2020. The complex will be supplied with own power generating… Read more