A total of 11 k tons of greenhouse vegetables were harvested in Dagestan year to date

Since the beginning of the year, 11 k tons of vegetables were gathered in the greenhouses of Dagestan, including 8 k tons of tomatoes and 3 k tons of cucumbers, as informed by Dagestan Information Agency referring to the Ministry of Agriculture.
The equivalent period last year totalled 10 k t of vegetables.
At present, the republican greenhouse vegetable leaders are the farms of the Karabudakhkentsky, Kizikyurtovsky, and Kayakensky areas.
“Vegetable cultivation in Dagestan grows year after year, majorly promoted by the use of new intensive technologies, high-quality seed materials, modern plant protection products, and highly effective mineral fertilizers.
Besides, there is an obvious expansion of winter greenhouse areas and yield boost due to the year-round greenhouse modernisation. It is noteworthy that today domestic structures and equipment are predominantly used for these projects,” – as explained in the agrarian agency.
Protected-ground crop farming is one of the fundamental streamline in the Effective AIC project and import substitution programme implementation.
As a reminder, the overall area of greenhouse complexes in Dagestan totals 200 ha. As a result of 2016, more than 14 k t of vegetables were produced in the protected ground in the region.

Source: Dagestan Information Agency