A new mushroom farm will be launched in Saint Petersburg suburbs, 4 billion worth.

Agricultural holding “Vyborgec”, the largest vegetable producer intends to invest 4 billion roubles in the investment project for the construction of a mushroom factory. That was reported by the Deputy Head of the Government of the Leningrad region Sergey Yakhnyuk. The facility is planned to be erected near the existing production site in Vsevolzhsky district.
The factory is expected to produce 10 thousand tonnes of mushrooms annually. The project also includes the establishment of a compost section for soil production in a volume of more than 30 thousand tonnes a year. The completion of the 1st stage (5 thousand tonnes) is scheduled for 2018, the 2nd – 2019. According to the data of the regional authorities, Vyborgec plans to reach the projected capacity and occupy half of the country’s mushroom market.
Currently, 1.4 thousand tonnes of champignons and 200 tonnes of shiitake are grown the region. That accounts for approx. 10% of total output in Russia. According to “Mushroom school”, champignon output volume increased by 34% (14.26 thsd tonnes). The president of “Russian Greenhouses” Association Arkadiy Muraviev mentioned the figure of 7 thousand tonnes. 90% of total champignon consumption in Russia accounts for import. As previously stated by the head of “Agro-Region” Igor Chaika, Russia imports about 135 thousand tonnes of mushrooms annually and the consumption is growing by 5-7% per year.
Not only Vyborgec and Agro-Region intend to take their place on the market. A number of investors expressed their interest in this field. “Orix Group” initiated the project in the Samara region. The project provides for the construction of a complex for commercial production and processing of 25 thousand tonnes of champignons and 1.4 thousand tonnes of shiitake a year. The investments are estimated at 2 billion roubles. Voronezh agrocombine “Zdorovoye Pitanie” launched the construction of a complex with the capacity of 36 thousand tonnes and overall cost 7.2 billion roubles. One more project was initiated by the “Polonis Group” (Saint-Petersburg). The project encompasses the production and processing of 10 thousand tonnes of champignons. Retailer company “Magnit” invests 1.8 billion roubles in cultivation of 6.4 thousand tonnes of champignons in the Krasnodar region. IGS Agro started the erection of a mushroom complex, 1.5 billion roubles worth, in Tatarstan. Besides, mushroom farms will be built in the Tula, Ryazan, Pskov, and Kursk regions.
However, as stated by Muraviev, only three projects are implemented, among which “Magnit” in the Krasnodar region, a factory in the Kursk region and a factory, constructed by the nephew of the Tatarstan president Niyaz Minnikhanov. As of today, Russia accounts for 2 large mushroom producers: National Mushroom Company (2.5 thousand tonnes) in Kashirsky district of the Moscow region and “Prinevskoye” in the Leningrad region (1.1 thousand tonnes). “The number of launched project is insufficient to meet the demand for mushrooms in Russia. But the main problem is the lack of compost production required for champignon cultivation”, added Muraviev.
Agrofirm “Vyborgec” was founded in 1996 and in 2015 it became a leader by the vegetable yield in the Leningrad region – 16 thousand tonnes. The company manages a greenhouse combine in Vsevolzhsky district, erected in 1983. Greenhouse area exceeds 35 ha, 70% of which is utilized for cucumbers. According to kartoteka.ru, in 2015 the revenue of Vyborgec accounted for 1.79 billion roubles, net profit – 152 million roubles.
Source: Agroinvestor