A factory for champignon production will be built in the Leningrad region

The project with the capacity of 10k tonnes annually provides for the construction of a factory, which will include a section for manure and soil.

10k tonnes of champignons will be produced in the factory, to be built in the Leningrad region. The agreement was signed on Thursday at the 26th International Fair “AgroRus” in Saint Petersburg by the government of the region and Vyborgec company. The company is included in 300 best agricultural companies of the country.

The project with the invested 4bn RUB and capacity reaching 10k tonnes, provides for the establishment of a factory, which will include in-house sector for manure and soil production.

“A new field for us is the production of mushrooms; we grow champignons and shiitake”, says the Governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko.

He underscored, that the region produces 40% of food in the North-Western region. Saint Petersburg meets 60% demand in cucumbers and 40% – tomatoes. “Shortly, we will double the production volume”, states the Governor.

10% of Russian champignons are cultivated here in the Leningrad region, states Deputy Chairman of the Government for AIC and Fish Farming Complex Sergey Yakhnyuk. “With a full launch of the factory, will be able to occupy one half of the Russian mushroom market”, says Mr. Yakhnyuk.

Vyborgec company, operating since 1930s, is now the first in the North-Western federal district to introduce Finnish cultivation technology, when the plant is sold with roots. The method enables to retain freshness. Besides, supplementary lighting ensures cultivation in winter. In 2013, the company completed the construction of the greenhouse and energy complexes.

Source: TASS