2.5 ha greenhouse was built in Alekseyevsky sovkhoz

The greenhouse is provided with modern heating and curtain system to protect plants from sun light. The fund was allocated by the republican budget within the programme “100 investments to mark 100-year anniversary of Bashkortostan”. The enterprise intends to commission the new greenhouse in late July.

Bell pepper seedlings were planted in December, the company will harvest the crops for the second time. The agronomist of “Alekseyevsky sovshoz” examines every sprout. Main goal now is to protect roots from the deceases. The company applies only biologically clean technologies.

Aigul Yakupova, Senior Agronomist of the company: “Biological method of plant protection: we accept natural enemies, we breed them and let them in. We have a wide assortment, so we exclude any pesticide treatment. We use only biological methods”.

The greenhouse operates on clock round basis and employs over 1000 people. Main crops include 33 ha of cucumbers and 5.5 ha of tomatoes. Old greenhouses made in 70s do not comply with modern requirements. Managing board decided to erect a new facility. It is higher and brighter to ensure the quality of yield. The greenhouses also serve for the cultivation of lettuce. The greenhouse is designed to enable one place process: from packing of seeds to preparation of products for distribution.

In late June, the company plans to commission a new greenhouse on the area of 2.5 ha. Regional funds were provided to build a new greenhouse on the area of 2.5 ha. It drastically differs from the Soviet greenhouses. It is equipped with modern heating and curtain systems to protect plants from the daylight. All production processes are automated. Personnel is only to pick up the vegetables.

Danila Vetoshkin, Head of Civil structure department of Alekseyevsky sovkhoz: “New greenhouses do not have drawbacks: double glazing, no gap clearance, minimal heat losses. Old greenhouses required permanent repair, it was difficult to cover the expenses”.