А.N. Tkachev

“At present, 170 greenhouse complexes with the investment of about 24 billion RUB are being built in Russia. This is unprecedented support, which tops all ever happened in Russia.”

А.N. Tkachev / Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation


Among speakers and VIP-guests 2017:

Alexander Rudakov, chairman of the Board of directors, APH Eco-culture

Alexander Rudakov,

Chairman of the Board of Directors
APH Eco-culture

Irina Meshkova, general director, Agroinwest

Irina Meshkova,

General Director

Sergey Rukin, general director, Greenhouse Growth Technologies

Sergey Rukin,

General Director
Greenhouse Growth Technologies

Nurlan Adilkhan, director, BRBAPK

Nurlan Adilkhan,


Anatoliy Tarasov, general director, Belogorie Greenhouses

Anatoliy Tarasov,

General Director
Belogorie Greenhouses

Denis Budanov, ceo, Prompark

Denis Budanov,


Andrey Volkov, general director, Udmurt Flowers

Andrey Volkov,

General Director
Udmurt Flowers

Aleksandr Zaklepkin, general director, Vyborgec Agrofirm

Aleksandr Zaklepkin,

General Director
Vyborgec Agrofirm

Rasim Bagiev, director, REHN

Rasim Bagiev,


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Highlights of the programme 2017:

  • Presentation of 60+ greenhouse investment projects with the implementation period 2017-2020 from all Russian regions
  • Leaders’ debates! Government, investors, initiators, agriholdings, power generating companies. Finance and investment climate
  • NEW! Flagship greenhouse complexes and investment projects from CIS countries – Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan
  • Meetings with investors: project initiators, Russian and international investors will discuss opportunities for cooperation
  • Efficient business strategies! Power generation, construction, business-plan for the sustainable development
  • 50+ high-level experts: case studies on greenhouse business start-up and running – project financial terms, price policy, product promotion
  • FOCUS-SESSION: Agrologistics of greenhouse products – what are the success factors? Storage and packing – shipment – consumer
  • ON-TREND INNOVATIONS! Solar and wind power stations, city farming and a lot more
  • Case studies on production development by top-notch industry leaders from Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain
  • Tailor-made session! Energy saving – connection to grids, in-house capacities, distributed power generation
  • Fast and efficient! Roadshow of innovative technologies and equipment from industry leaders

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Webinar – Industrial Greenhouses Boom In Russia

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Delegates 2017:

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